And we’re back…

The end of 2018 turned into something of a whirlwind. It shouldn’t surprise me, lots of years finish the same way. The time, days, weeks and then months seem to just zip by so fast you can only, just barely, catch the wisp of the wind as it races past.

After some remodel, rethinking and retooling Home Comes Alive is bounding back for a fresh start. This is a personal blog about personal growth in the second half-century of life. In this case the life happens to be mine. I’m delighted to find there are lots of people sharing the road, all with their own stories to tell.

There still won’t be posts about being a fashion maven or a world class chef though I’ll refer to some of my favorites who do that sort of thing so much better than I ever could. For 2019, at least this part of it, the top priority is health and wellness. It’s not a resolution, I don’t do them any longer. It’s a commitment from ‘now me’ to the ‘future me’ I’m aiming toward.

If you are interested in laughing along with me (or even at me from time to time), and perhaps sharing some of the wisdom you’ve gained along the way while we grow older and better this could be the place for you.

Regardless of where you are in your journey you are always welcome.

Come sit on my electronic porch with a cup of your favorite whatever and visit from time to time as we get on with the business of living a life from 60 to 100 with as much fun and as little damage as possible!


Pardon Our Mess

Home Comes Alive started as an idea about learning to blog and blogging personal growth in my second half-century of life.

The site is going through a remodel during this summer of 2018 but you’re invited to browse some of the early posts all about learning to set up the blog. All about getting my on-line ‘feet wet’ with a good site to reflect my journey and some thoughts along the way.

Come back and visit from time to time as the remodel gets finished up and let us know what you think.