About Me…just the facts, ‘mam

Blogging 101 and, for me, the all-inclusive frontier of personal electronics is something that never particularly interested me before now. According to my daughter I suck as a Facebook mommy so it’s a good thing I have a great friend who stepped into the role beautifully. My personal emails get backed up, sometimes into the hundreds – really, no kidding and I have actually answered my cell phone on a short-temper day “Grand Central F(W#* Station WHAT do you want!”.

I’ve worked on computers in the workplace since data ran back and forth from the big units in the cold room and back-ups were still done on magnetic tape and, yes, I actually miss typewriters. In fact there was a particular IBM print-style Selectric, but that is another story.

I still keep a paper planner and use nice pens whenever I get the chance. Computers are just work tools. Now it’s time to see if we can play nice together in my off-hours.


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