Step # 1 – Learn about blogging…

Blogging U, here I come and I’m far from the only one interested in learning a new way to capture ideas, information and communicate. Apparently there are thousands of us in this electronic classroom. Intrigued with the possibilities, frustrated with the process, too busy to fumble around completely on my own and not sure how far I want to go until I learn more.

Week one down and this morning thinking I’m only about half-way done. Surprised? No, took me from Sunday to Tuesday to find out how to read the assignments (thank you @michelleweber and gang for posting a list in the sidebar). At least no one seemed to mind my working in reverse order or no order at all to complete this list of to-dos:

#1 – Introductions – Say Hello, check. Sort of fumbled all the way around this assignment from signing up for the brave new world of a personal blog and publishing the very first posts, getting to the blog commons and learning how to post a comment and reply. Hello, new blogger, posting novice – gritting my teeth and getting on with it. Actually got an offer from my granddaughter to help me but that sort of felt like getting the smart kid to do my homework!

# 2 – Titles and Tagline – Ahh, this is about image … branding, check. Home Comes Alive and the tag line Refurbishing a home, a self, a life… was very intentional. This is about just that, putting my home, myself and my life back on the track I want to be on, not just going through life to end up with a list of would have, could have, and ultimately, should have. There is a reason I picked a pocket watch as part of my photo image, time in the broadest sense is infinite but any piece of it isn’t. My piece of it isn’t.

#3 – Following Topics and Blogs – Working on this one. Struggling here. Since the e-world hasn’t been my normal playground and my longest forays so far have been Pintrest, Polyvore and sort of learning to use One Note all in the last couple of years, this seems complicated. Will get easier but for someone who only posted their very first comment on a blog, forum or website this week as part of Blogging U just getting a “@name” or link to work correctly seems like an accomplishment. Now if I can just find the right way to link blogs I want to follow and liked posts in my sidebar widget!  Maybe I shouldn’t have been so hasty about turning the granddaughter down?

#4 – Focusing on Your Audience aka writing to my dream reader.  Would I let anyone read my paper journal entries…no. In fact, like Jane Austen, I plan to continue to burn any remaining paper journals while still of sound mind and body and ask that a trusted family member do the same when I’m gone. What goes from my mind through the end of a pen and onto paper isn’t for an audience. It’s venting, purging anger and angst, getting ‘it’ off my chest. Once my mental air is clear I’m done with it and can, or try to let it go. Home Comes Alive is about finally collecting some glimpses of life I don’t want to drift away like smoke rising in the air. So maybe it is still a journal, just this time a public one. A conversation with myself that I’m willing to share with family, friends and any one in the wider world that just wants to peek in once in a while to see if it’s working out like I think it should.

#5 – Exploring Themes – This one was actually fun. Kelly? No. Creative? No, not ready to move up to premium services yet. Hexa, interesting, simple and clear but maybe just too close to Sorbet, the first theme I published with. My Life, interesting, Zoren, very Zen. Elegant Grunge even got a try, like the artsy, journal feel, but Hemingway Rewritten won out for now. Clean, crisp, straight forward.

And that gets me caught up for this week and actually looking forward to spending some time in the commons, week two, oh and taking down my Christmas tree… amazing, right?


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