Love my birthday, just ask anyone!

Not everyone celebrates their birthday.  There are lots of reasons, birthdays are for kids / just too old, it’s just another day / no big deal, some celebrate alone, or not at all and that’s as it should be.  Everyone should get to decide for themselves after the age of six or so.   My birthday is always a really big deal,  A really big deal.  I’m totally obnoxious about it for about ten days before.  Well, actually for about two weeks before (ok — maybe more).  Celebrating goes on and on as long as I can s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out.  Everyone in my immediate circle of family and friends knows this and plays along famously.  Thank you all, by the way.

I even celebrate my birthday at work.  I don’t ask them to do anything – I’ve always provided the ‘party’ with everyone invited, partake or not.  After several years the team did go all in.  One year we had a great banana split party.  Everyone brought their favorite topping and it was a blast.  Last year they decorated my cube and I made ice-cream sandwiches for everyone.  Just when I think they are finally really getting into the spirit of it the mood around the office got crushed.  A party mood is a little difficult because of big changes in the corporation. White Rabbit

That being the case I decided to actually have a real birthday party at home.  Not just any party either, an Alice in Wonderland party.

What a great idea … or I thought it was until I started looking at all the ideas!  Let me tell you  there are some big party budgets out there.  I don’t have a glorious semi-wild field to have tables set up with fabulous china on snowy white linens or giant movie props and let’s just say I’m on the much-higher side of 8 or 18 or and even still a little higher than even 48,  Just type in Alice in Wonderland Party and Google returns 18,000,000 hits in less than a minute.  There are some cute and wonderful ideas out there.  One collection at Kara’s Party Ideas has both birthday and shower ideas,  and there are more if you search Mad Hatter or just tea party.

I want something fun between a total blow-out or just a simple tea with friends and, let’s be honest, nothing gets stuff done at my house like a deadline.  So here we go… Down the Rabbit Hole!



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