Six Weeks and Counting –

Alice in Wonderland Party, great idea.  Oh really?   The idea of an “Alice” party was the easiest part.  After the first flush of excitement I actually almost panicked after I started reading about planning on other blogs.  Everyone said plan as early as possible and I started 10 weeks before party day.  First I had to decide what the style of the party would be.  While I’m a huge Disney fan I didn’t really want a Disney Alice party, animated or Burton-esque .  I wanted to go more traditional.  First Goodwill Run

Then came the shopping.  And shopping, and shopping and shopping.  Because what I wanted to use didn’t have to match the area Goodwill stores and other thrift stores were on my radar for everything I thought I could use.  The first trip to Goodwill was fairly successful, lots of little bits and pieces.  Some china, a silver tea service, linen napkins, interesting vases in beautiful colors and more.  See the broken Christmas clock transformation at DIY or Close.


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