Long Time … No Post

GetAttachment (4)In the blogging world it’s been quite some time between posts.  Six weeks before the Alice party then six weeks after.  There does seem like some cosmic balance in there somewhere. The party was fun, friends and food, though like so many things also bittersweet but I’ll save that for another day.

Place settings of  mismatched china, tea cups and napkins were the backdrop for packets of wildflower seeds and a silver pocket watch as a memento for all the guests.  Red velvet cupcakes with creme cheese frosting resided in the tea cups which the guests were invited to take home. Small tokens from the wonderful Alice stories here and there, white rabbits, loose keys, playing cards and extra stacked tea cups.  A game of eye-spy was fun for everyone but mostly for the birthday girl who already knew all the answers!  Everyone was invited to sign a new copy of the stories of Lewis Carroll for my personal library.  The party continued to work with more cupcakes with ice cream and sweet treats to carry away for later too.  It was a great adventure and a wonderful birthday celebration.  Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass is an adventure for any birthday and happy un-birthday to all!


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