Last and lost of the spring harvest…

Today we picked the last apples and the remainders from the feast the birds were having. We started apple harvest end of May and had eaten all we wanted. We gave away a bunch which got my honey a couple of great slices of apple pie (none for me, I’m gluten-free). We also dried enough to last through at least the fall and even made our first ‘fruit leather’ – think home-made fruit roll-ups only better.  During the time we’d done all these things we were still trying to harvest figs, keep all the trees and bushes watered and finish some of the work on the raised garden beds.  We have to get the new beds planting ready.  Here it’s the opposite of any place else we have lived.  Normally we planted in the spring and everything finished by end of fall.  In Phoenix we plant at the end of summer and harvest through the late spring/early summer.

There wasn’t an issue last year with birds last year, so they must not have recognized the apples as good to eat during the first year.  This year we realized birds were getting into the remaining apples but wasn’t too much we could do about it.  We learned pretty quickly it was best to leave the pecked apples on the tree so they wouldn’t just move on to a new apple right away. We estimate we lost between 2-3 dozen but I was most amazed about how very efficient they could be!  While we were cleaning up today I found a stripped apple core still hanging from the branch, that’s all that was left, just the barest  slip of core.  The birds had even eaten the seeds.

In spite of the fact they were eating the fruits of our labor you just have to admire that kind of determination.


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