Number 6, a recurring theme…

Six seems to be some kind of marker for posting on Home Comes Alive. Six weeks to a birthday, six weeks after a birthday , six days between posts, then 18 weeks (oddly a number divisible by 6).

Had considered shutting down the site altogether once or twice since the last post. No time, no news, no change. Now it seems none of that was true.  Change, like spring blooming after a long cold winter, was just happening under the surface.  Home Comes Alive started as an opportunity to learn something new, blogging.  Now is seems somewhat ironic the ‘tag line’, refurbishing a home, a self, a life, is taking on a whole new meaning.  Almost 6 months since the last post and big change is coming.

Merriam-Webster defines retirement as an act of retiring, the state of being retired, withdrawal from one’s position or occupation or “the age at which one normally retires <reaches retirement in May>”.  Seems appropriate to find that exact quote today when I looked up retirement, reaches retirement in May.  Roughly six months since the last post and I’ve decided to ‘retire’, withdrawal from my current occupation in May.

It’s time for the next adventure.  Home and Honey – here I come.



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