Do your homework and clean your room.

… or say hello (again) and sweep up some old ‘dust’.  First of all thanks to anyone who has stopped by during the past 18-months.  I promised myself as soon as I had more time I would do several things, some very specifically related to Home Comes Alive.  The blog started as a way to capture some of what Honey-dear and I are doing and learn something new at the same time.  The plan was to have a fun distraction in an otherwise hectic life.  That plan failed.  The blog became one more thing I should be doing.  I wasn’t happy with some things about the blog or the way it felt.

My fault, since I hadn’t really applied myself in time and effort.

I flipped back and forth between keeping it and shutting it down.  My daughter asked me not to remove the blog even if I stopped writing for it – leaving a chance to look back, a place to visit with mom from time to time in the future.  Ok – so after some mulling over why I originally decided to venture into blogging  it is still something new to learn and now there is new motivation.  I’ve also put some serious thought into how I want the blog to look.

It’s time to ‘clean up’  my on-line room.

Here’s the plan. Step one, re-take the blogging courses offered by WordPress and do some additional reading/research.  And apply myself.  Page or two added, some old posts shifted around or maybe deleted? Two, see how other parts of the blogging world work, how other blogs promote good things and share information about failures too.  See what appeals to me about the blogs I keep returning to visit.  Three, make this blog a fun look inside the continuing ordinary-extraordinary life I share with Honey-dear.  Interested folks who want to check in with our adventures in the sometimes blazing, dry Arizona desert are welcome to stop in anytime.  The figurative door is always open.




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