Wednesday Wanderings…

It’s finally August.  According to Honey-darling the last really hot month for the year.  I demurred with my belief that September is the last hot month.  His response – September is not hot 24-7 and you can “smell the Thanksgiving pie from there!”  Regardless, now it’s August and we have a couple of big projects before I start on any pies.

A catalog has been ordered from a seed company with organic and open-pollinated varieties for the southwest, they will also ship seedlings.  The new Hugelkultur (HOO-gul-culture) bed is almost complete with the slight modification of lowering the first layer for our own desert application. Like the link shows, our location is in an area where we have water run off from the garage.  As soon as the rabbit/pest barrier is put up the bed is planned for a kitchen herb garden with melon anchors at each end.  We may even get a second bed started before the winter provided we get all the rest of the fall planting done.

The chicken breeds are also chosen and we are scouting coop materials and hardware along with marking out the area for both the coop / run.  I have my eye on a couple of heritage breeds on The Livestock Conservancy list.  Both Delaware and Dominiques should do well in the heat and are both dual use birds (eggs and meat).  The Easter Eggers are just for fun because until they lay their first egg you don’t know what the exact color will be.  After several years I have hopes we will have chickens on the ground in the spring and eggs by the fall.

Any time left over this month will be spent studying, researching for all of the above and keeping my hands in the dirt.




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