Easy Or Hard – A perspective from August.

What’s remembered most?  The easy or the hard?  What makes something easy or hard?  Easy or hard to do, to read, to listen to?  Easy or hard to get through?  What colors our perspective of any event?

Around here laughter tends to tip the scale.  If we can laugh about something it can’t be too bad, not really.

August in Phoenix is the hardest month for me.  It’s hot, really hot.  Hot early in the morning and right through the night with a dip in the temperature for a short period just before dawn.  August is the third hot month in a row.  Sometimes it’s muggy, parentheses around the summer storms.  After working outside in the early morning I can still break a sweat just getting out of the shower on some days.  It’s hot enough at our house we turn off the water heater because you can take a hot shower from the cold water tap and wash delicates from the cold water stored in the water heater.   Want to do dishes?  Just run the ‘cold’ water and add some water boiled in the microwave to the wash tub to finish it off.  Watering plants means running the hot water out the hose before using it.  August, did I mention it’s hot?

August is also both the finish and the start, almost as if the entire place is holding it’s breath.  Too hot for really hard work but we keep moving because this too shall pass.  August is the month to plan and stage materials for the next big push.  This morning we picked up the first of our hay bales for the chicken run and gardens.  Honey-dear thought is was pretty ironic that at this moment we have hay for animals we don’t own yet, invisible fruit on the trees, invisible plants in the garden and empty rain barrels waiting for the next wave of monsoon storms.

It was very funny that in moment, early August in Phoenix, we have a faux farm!  We laughed and went back into the air conditioning.  Suddenly August didn’t seem too awful anymore.




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