Wednesday Wanderings…2

Ok, I am going to come clean… be totally honest.  I am, on occasion, mildly or even wildly jealous.  There are blogs and You Tube channels I really like.  A few I visit on a fairly regular basis when I feel like a boost or need to tweak an idea.  They are fun, well done, informative, inventive, and on – and on.

It usually works.  Until that time when I’m in a mood and open up one of my ‘go-to sites’ and see sweeping green spaces.  Or areas of wooded land.  Or water … or rain … or snow.

Every location, every family has unique challenges, ours and theirs, but this time of year is occasionally hard for me.  Fall is my favorite season, it has been since I was a kid growing up in the Midwest.   The calendar doesn’t have many pages left, school is starting again, the weather will be cooling and leaves will soon be painting the landscape in many areas of the country.  I still have the 5×7 glossy photo of a tree in full fall color sent to me by a favorite aunt when I was suffering awful homesickness during my first fall in California.  I taught my daughter how to shuffle in leaves on crisp fall days in Texas and we made pecan pie from nuts we collected in our own yard for a couple of years.  One of my favorite photos of Honey dear was taken in the fall overlooking the Alaska pipeline when we were exploring a road through the woods near our home.  There are just days when I miss autumn things.  The last couple of days have been some of those so Wednesday Wandering is a day late and maybe a little rudderless.

Don’t worry too much.  I saw bags of Halloween candy at the grocery yesterday.  There will be dirt under my fingernails in the next couple of days and I think I’ll plan some fall decorations for September.



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