Wednesday Wanderings … 3

There are books I read and pass along, there are books I read and keep to read again (… and again and again, hello Jane Austen) and there is the occasional book that I find, really enjoy, pass along and then really miss.

Sometimes I get a mulligan, that rare second chance.

Yesterday I stumbled across of box of items stored to get them out of the house because I couldn’t make up my mind to keep it or let it go.  Just odd and ends.  Well it is was well past time to make the final cut, was there anything in the box I had actually missed or could the whole thing just move along?

And there it was, a little paperback with slightly worn corners.  It was a quick read I’d picked up at the Goodwill for a dollar.  Just something light and funny to fill in some time.  It had me laughing out loud more than once.  A book I enjoyed so much I know I mentioned to other readers I know.

“You Can Childproof Your Home, But They’ll Still Get In” by Dave Meurer (copyright 2002) is now out of print but is worth the effort to locate, beg or borrow a copy if you can find one.  I was hooked from the moment I popped open the cover and read a few pages.  One excerpt,  “Child development professionals categorize children into two main groups: A.) Naturally compliant, obedient, well-mannered children, and B.) Yours. The implication is rather obvious. If you are blessed with naturally compliant, obedient, well-mannered children, they were accidentally switched at the hospital.”

The weather is predicting storms and rain for Thursday but I’m OK with that.  I am going to spend some time with a long-lost friend.




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