It’s the little things.

We may indeed have a very simple life now.  This fact crystalized on the day a new seed catalog arrived and I was really excited.  It’s the little things.

There are also several other interesting little items I’ve realized over the last several weeks as I transition from paid work to unpaid work (i.e. retired life on our little patch of dirt).

  1. In many ways working with Honey darling here at home full-time is very similar to changing jobs in the corporate world.  I am learning a new ‘corporate culture’.  The other employee has been doing this for almost a decade and I am the new kid so I have to learn how things work.  Ok, to be fair I did kick over a few trash cans but they were mostly little ones. Mostly.  Honest.
  2. We don’t yet share a common work language.  The thingamabobs I am talking about using for a project is not the same thingamajig Honey darling is thinking about.  No amount of waving hands or twisting fingers around in the air helps to explain what we are talking about so we have taken to drawing pictures.  So thank you to the utility companies who still send return envelopes with the bills (free morning scratch paper over breakfast) and to the person who gave me the Boogie Board for my birthday last year, you know who you are, you have saved countless trees.
  3. There are no more week-ends but there are still days off.  Some days I just don’t.  Don’t laundry, don’t move dirt or tree limbs or whatever, and don’t worry about it.  I just hang out with the crew, drink some coffee or whatever and read a good book.  The difference between now and then is my ‘day off’ develops organically out of circumstances instead of being locked on the calendar and I don’t feel guilty when stuff waits for 24-hours.
  4. Best of all – I talk to my daughter more.

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