Wednesday Wandering … 5

A day late but I’m sticking with the theme/concept.  We are finally catching up from one of the little bumps in the road life likes to throw out once in a while.  Saturday night/Sunday early-morning suffered a major sleep interruption.  Sunday I barely remember, Monday passed like I was in a fog, Tuesday was fog-light.

I realize I really envy nappers.  I can only sleep during the day if I’m ill.  Honey dear naps, daily with few exceptions.  Lunch, then a nap before whatever is left for the day.  It’s built into his schedule and helps recharge his battery if he misses some shut-eye.  If I miss out on too much sleep it’s more like a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality change.

So due to the sleep interruption it took me almost three days to get back to feeling almost normal.  It isn’t that I didn’t do anything for three days: the fall seeds are in the first garden bed, a tentative cost review for the chicken coop and run is done, I’ve looked at all the new poultry and seed catalogs that arrived, started the work for the changes in the master closet, etc.  Everything just took longer and it was just done with much less enthusiasm.

In the past I have wondered how much of the less than admirable behavior we see or participate in every day could be due to lack of adequate sleep?  Not even ‘enough’ sleep, just adequate sleep.  I know I am an 8-hour a night gal, 7 minimum.   Much less and even people who love me can be reluctant to admit they know me, let alone actually associate with me.  Coffee won’t make up the difference, not even (gasp) chocolate can turn that ship.  I need sleep and more than less keeps me on an even keel.

Today it’s more Dr. Jekyll, I feel like myself again.  I will catch up on some of the heavy lifting that got skipped since Sunday and tomorrow I will go back out into the world.  Thanks to several peaceful nights of blessed sleep I am human again. 




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