Wednesday Wanderings … 6

Our day started out on the deck having coffee.  It was still dark, just after 4:30 AM and even with some puffy clouds we could still see lots of stars.   Some constellations are regular year-round visitors like Cassiopeia.  The vain queen still just roams around her heavenly arc, this morning slightly to the west/northwest.

In the southeast old man Orion has been back with us for a few weeks, still pursuing the seven sisters (the Pleiades) almost right overhead with Taurus running interference between the two.

This morning we were out long enough to get a pair of binoculars and spend some time viewing one of the Orion nebulae in the string of stars of the scabbard.  Even with the weak view magnification we were able to see the ‘star’ as a double in the middle of a pale cloud.  Amazing…

We’ve always been star gazers and would often stand the cold to see the Aurora Borealis over our home in Alaska.  Our first Arizona stargazing adventures were from this same deck, viewing Saturn through a monocular.  Small but with the rings clearly visible.  We were hooked, well and truly hooked.

Come out and join us when you can.  Sky & Telescope has their feature “This Week’s Sky at a Glance” and other sites, like AstroViewer, have more detailed information.  Just ask your internet browser, what’s in the night sky?

Summer is coming to an end again.  The telescopes have been out just a couple of time since it got hot and it’s time to dust them off.

It’s time to go outside and play.



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