Wednesday Wanderings…7

Decorating for the holidays isn’t like it used to be and I’m not talking about the fact retail stores start putting out stuff for Halloween sometime around Easter Sunday.  Yesterday I unpacked my ‘Halloween’ decorations (finally).  Over the years my collection has morphed from mostly child-friendly ghosts and witches themed with a few jack-o-lanterns thrown in for good measure to a collection of pumpkins.  There are a few just too cute to let go of goblins to mark the month of October.

I kept telling myself I was going to get it in gear and get my decorations up in September.  After all the reason for the shift to primarily ‘pumpkin’ was to be able to enjoy them for longer, September through Thanksgiving.  It was not in support of the ever popular PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte), as some might think.

September came and went in a whirl and now it’s the first full week in October but I’m finally getting around to it.  The pieces of old family furniture will get their good deep feeding with wood oil after the long dry summer to finally be crowned by a modest fall harvest in glass and ceramics.

Just in case any of you don’t realize where this rambling is all heading, today is 80 days to Christmas.  Oh the satisfying sounds of groans from my family.  My work here is done.


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