All the resolutions and the ‘holidays’ after all…

Logged on today and the stats page reminded me it had been about two months since the last post.  Since today is January 5, 2017 it puts the last post about Halloween.  Makes perfect sense in my mind as November and December were dedicated to the holidays.  Cleaning, cooking, final gift preparations, and so on.  There was very little shopping this year and  the two months at the end of the year still felt pretty220px-dance_card00 busy.   There were enough projects, home and holiday, to keep my dance card full enough for me.

Not all of the projects were related to Christmas.  The weather was finally cooling off enough for us to spend longer chunks of time outside doing heavy yard work.  We thinned some trees, pulled some more of the creosote bushes, did some work around the fence line in an effort to keep the unattended dogs in the neighborhood (not homeless – just not kept from roaming) from trying to dig into our yard.  We aren’t even close to done yet, assuming there really is such as thing as done but we did get the work in ahead of a couple of storms that might have caused some additional damage.  So what we got done felt like a win for our team this time.

With Epiphany tomorrow the tree and decorations will be coming down on the 7th, still too long for some but it’s better than the year Honey Darling asked me how to dust ornaments as a hint he was tired of the tree and trimmings.

In years past each January I used to look at my calendar and try to figure out how I would squeeze in more, more time for home or schedule time so I’d have the energy to get more things done, how I would finally get to all those things I wanted or needed or should do and I would make my resolutions.  That more time/energy thing rarely happened.  Every year seemed to have some rhythm all it’s own.   Some things got done and some things didn’t.  Live with other people and have a job, you figure out control can be pretty illusionary.  Events develop and plans change no matter how well thought out.  A general guideline for Plan A with a couple of sketchy back-ups is the best to hope for sometimes around my house.

I even, finally, gave up making new New Year Resolutions and just noted a few permanent principles for myself.  After the first year I made a laminated copy for my planner.  If the page gets shifted in my planner I move it back to the front every January, read the list and note where I think I need to focus more.  After several years these permanent resolutions continue to serve me well:

  1.  I will respect the value of my time…I will remember to honor those I love above material objects and the pressure of outside influences.
  2. I will exercise and care for my body and spirit, remembering I am my only natural resource and I want to be a ‘redwood’.
  3. I will work to balance my needs with the needs and desires of others.
  4. I will remember I cannot accomplish everything at once, all things take time.  “To everything there is a season…”.
  5. I will remember that I am not practicing… I am living.

Welcome 2017, Plan A is outlined – let’s see how it goes.


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