A complete stop, once in awhile

This week I began using a beautiful mug with a matching saucer.  It’s a rich cream color with a spray of purple violets and a gold rim on both the cup and the dish.  It isn’t a vintage set, the materials are study enough for every day use and the design is solid and modernly large.  Given that, it was an interesting design choice to gilt the edges.  In time the gold will wear away unevenly.  Over time the finish may stain and could chip.

It’s something I acquired over a year ago and have used to hold office supplies, wrapped candies, little bits of this and that.  Until this week I’d never used it full-time for the original purpose.  A couple of interesting things happened when I started using it for my morning coffee cup.

I pour a cup of coffee.  The first day I didn’t stop long enough to enjoy the full cup and it got cold.  I couldn’t put it in the microwave to warm it, it has a gold rim.  So I warmed up the coffee by pouring in some more hot from the pot.  Part of the second cup also grew cold and I finally gave up.  No more coffee that day.

I pour a cup of coffee.  This day I have some homemade almond biscotti to enjoy with it so I carry my saucer of coffee and treats to the living room.  I go slowly, I haven’t carried a cup of coffee this way for a long time.  No mishap and I stay in my seat long enough to enjoy the first cup of the day.  No such luck with the second cup, half of it goes cold.

I pour a cup of coffee.  I carefully carry cup and saucer to the living room and enjoy it completely.  Cup # 2 was delivered, carefully, cup and saucer by Honey Darling.  I enjoy my second cup of hot coffee.

Today I realized I’ve really enjoyed using something so beautiful for such a simple pleasure and, perhaps more importantly, I’ve enjoyed slowing down long enough to do so.  My own little moment of the next ‘thing’, Hygge.

After brunch I made some more coffee, put the fireplace video from Netflix back on and turned the volume down so I hear only the occasional pop.  This is a good day.


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