I wish I could see it again and again.

Yesterday was Camelot at the Arizona Broadway Theater.  First a disclaimer, I enjoy going to the theater and other live stage performances as often as possible, major productions all the way through to high school drama and even children’s theater when I can find it,  like a good story but not too dark, am not at all dismayed when cast members spontaneously break into song as needed and can overlook the occasional misstep.  I was at a high school production and a piece of major set work came ‘undone’.  The audience got an extra intermission while it was put right but the show did go on.

Camelot is one of my favorite productions but I had never seen it on the stage.  I own a copy of the 1960 Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, Robert Goulet soundtrack and the 1969 RIchard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, Franco Nero movie version.  I have seen the filmed 1982 New York stage version with Richard Harris and even really like the adapted 2004 King Arthur with Clive Owen.  The Camelot/Arthur story is one of my favorites.

Yesterday I was swept away to the land where it never rains till after sundown.  The Lancelot character has my two favorite musical numbers of the production, “C’est Moi” and “If I Ever Leave You” with Guenevere in a close second with “The Simple Joys of Maidenhood”  but Arthur some of the best lines (…Only fools never doubt).

The food is always excellent (dinner theater) and the chairs have been upgraded so it was more comfortable to sit through the performance.  The costumes were lavish looking with minimal stage settings to distract.  It didn’t matter that I know all the lyrics and I know how the story is going to wind its way to the tragic yet idealistic end.  I loved every minute of it.

Arizona Broadway Theater, if you are ever in the neighborhood around 77th Ave. and West Bell Rd. in Peoria Arizona check it out!



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