Cleaning a ‘junk drawer’ – WW # 10

Here’s a twist.  When I do a Wednesday Wanderings I usually get it out on Thursday or Friday.  This week its early.  Here is Wednesday Wanderings # 10.

I used to collect pictures and articles from magazines or newspapers.  I kept them in a folder.  Some were for a specific idea or project others made it into the folder just because they were beautiful images I wanted to hold onto.  It wasn’t an ideal system and I would clean it out when the folder got too thick or we moved.  Some of those clippings stayed in the folder for years.  Then came Pinterest.

My husband doesn’t really understand the whole Pinterest phenomena.  Someplace to save the possible decorating ideas, recipes, inspirational quotes, etc.  You name it, I think you can find it or something about it on Pinterest.  It was a running joke in our family for awhile, someone would have a thought and suddenly “hey, there was this thing on Pinterest” would fly out of someones mouth.

I don’t ‘Pinterest’ every day or even every week.  It is something I do when I want to collect information about a project, collect some ideas in a specific place.  I also have some fun boards, just for the fun of it, and when something really catches my eye I ‘like’ it.

The weather has been off-and-on lately and with the holidays just over but no sunshine to work with outside and cold damp mornings we are in a bit of a lull.  So I decided I would clean up my stuff on Pinterest, check my boards for things I didn’t want anymore, clean up my ‘likes’.  After all, just like collecting actual clippings, those visits add up.

I had almost 3,000 likes.  Not stuff actually pinned to boards, just likes.

Pinterest has become my new junk drawer.



One thought on “Cleaning a ‘junk drawer’ – WW # 10

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