Wednesday Wanderings #11 …

My life seems to have themes.  Let me just say, make plans – God laughs.  With the best of intentions I made plans for measuring the house and getting my project book off the ground.  It’s already spring again in Phoenix, we can leave the windows open and air out the house.  The apple trees are already blooming and we are working to hold our ground against spring weeds but I was ready to start freshening up our interior spaces before the summer heat sets in.

That was right before the little tickle in my throat a week ago turned into the full-blown Crud of 2017.  It’s apparently going around and since I was out and about doing some sofa shopping The Crud and I must have shaken hands somewhere.  It’s taken a full week to get back on my feet while Honey Darling fretted and fussed, fixing tea or chicken broth soups.  I wasn’t good company, falling asleep randomly between coughing fits, etc., etc.  I’m not sure how much good rest he got either but he was a real trooper.

I started feeling almost human again yesterday and finally got almost a full nights sleep last night.  I still have the lingering cough and a bit of rattle but I feel I’m on the mend.  I even got one of the rooms measured yesterday.

Just in time, Honey Darling got the throat tickle yesterday.



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