Wednesday Wanderings # 12 – Go make the bed.

After a week of being severely under the weather followed by the bathroom breakdown, Honey Darling also catching ‘the bug’ and rain moving back in for several days it felt like our house had just slowed down to a crawl.  In fact, is there were a speed slightly slower than crawl? Creep perhaps?

I knew it was going to be this way.  I would finally, thankfully start feeling better.  I would lift my less foggy head, look around and realize there are things needing to get done again.  After so long it always feels hard to get going.  The whole body in motion or body at rest thing I suppose.

For some reason my starting line is always the bedroom.  It seems natural, it happens every day.  Get up, dogs out.  Sort any laundry so a load goes in first thing in the morning.  Smooth out the sheets, straighten the blankets, pull up the comforter and put the pillows on the bed.  Straighten up the dogs beds, spritz with Fabreze.  Look around the room, pick up anything out-of-place and put away.  Vacuum the floor.

So even after almost two weeks out of commission, slowly, slowly movement comes back into the house.  As always it seems to start in the same place.

We keep a fairly peaceful bedroom.  Even though this one needs some TLC after 20-years, it’s always been one of my favorite rooms.   Larger than most of the master bedrooms we’ve ever had, I like the furniture and décor colors.  It has the best ceiling fan in the house for some reason.  The closet, that small room of everything else with no home of its’ own, is the bane of my existence but when I just can’t face it I close the door.  Because of the orientation of the house it’s where the morning sun hits the house first.  Not much better than getting to rise and shine with the sun.

Even with everything we had going on in the last couple of weeks catching up started where it always does.  I’d actually never thought about it much but it explains why the master bedroom is the Monday cleaning day area, why it’s where I go for quite time or to start planning for new projects.  It’s the beginning in my head.

It’s spring in our little corner of the world.  I feel pretty good again and one bathroom is still fully functional.  I know it’s all going to work itself out because Monday I got up, washed the sheets and made the bed.



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