Seek, Find Something Else, Be Delighted

My husband once joked to a friend you don’t stand still too long at our house, you’d wind up at the Goodwill.  Passing good but unwanted or not needed items to a local charity, church sale, Goodwill, etc., just makes sense to me.  I hate throwing something away sometimes still in nearly new condition or even really good with useful life left in it.

I also like the other side of the equation, even consider thrifting something of a sport.   Some trips are missions, looking for something specific.  Hitting store after store looking for that particular item or items hoping to thrift it before buying full price.  I acquired a Singer 400 slant arm in an original cabinet for $15 this way.   I was shopping for a cabinet for my old Montgomery Ward machine.  The cabinet would have been a deal at $15 but the machine worked too.  Score.

There are trips that are just shopping, a fishing expedition, seeing what we can find. Waste not, want not and I’ve found some really great deals over the years, clothes, jewelry, household items, craft and even project supplies.

I sometimes go alone but particularly like shopping with *L*.  My daughter and granddaughter have been the occasional thrifting partners.

Rarely with Honey Darling (HD). He sometimes drives for mission-oriented trips or where we are looking for larger items and may need the truck but he’s usually in it for the lunch.  HD has a wish list of his own but it’s more along the lines of ‘let you know if you see any of this or that’.  He lacks the necessary level of patience for a whole day of hard, dedicated thrift shopping.  Sometimes he’s even too impatient for the drop-off if there are too many cars in line.  To be fair HD doesn’t particularly like any shopping unless it’s tools or food.  He gets frustrated, then I get frustrated, the whole trip just gets short-circuited and we end up miffed at one another for an afternoon.  Not worth it.

Today while taking care of odd errands there was some waiting time for a tire rotation.  I decided to take my chances and walk down to the Goodwill in the shopping center for a ‘fishing trip’ with Honey Darling in tow.  I have a couple of things on my watch list I’d like to get cheap and we had time to kill.  I didn’t find anything on my list but keeping an open mind and taking my time I did find these two beauties, $4.99 each and I won’t even have to re-frame after some TLC:

It was funny that Honey Darling  found something from his running wish list as well.  Even funnier, he likes the paintings so much he wants to have input about which room these two lovely oils will finally live in.  Was a lesson learned?  Only time will tell.


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