Wed. Wanderings # 15

Be careful what you wish for.

Even with all the things still going on at our house there those others that have to fit in along the edges.  Summer is coming and there is no stopping it.  The agave and aloe we had wintering over in the resting garden bed have been potted, moved to the front and are doing well along with the new Sweet Broom.

We still haven’t figured out how to stop the woodpecker from banging the corner of the house.  It can be quite startling when he starts.  It’s good the pending coop will have to be painted since the house corner now needs touch-up as well.

Monday we were weeding around some trees and getting our irrigation system ready for the seasonal start-up.  All the plants and fruit trees are in bloom.  We agreed that we need to see more bees soon, those happy little pollinators.

Just before we finished up so I could run a quick errand Honey Darling happened to look up into the tree he had been working around.  This is what he saw:

Bees 2017

Bee Ball

I don’t know how many bees it takes to make a swarm this size (much larger than a rugby ball) but I know it’s more bees than we need.  The swarm was here for at least two days before it moved on.

Again, be careful what you wish for.  Today we will cautiously go back outside to work on weeds during the cooler morning hours.



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