Learning, always learning.

‘Blogging’ has been a learning experience from the very beginning.  Setting up the site was straight forward thanks to the WordPress platform.  The learning curve started with the rest of my questions. What content would be interesting?  Leave content ‘public’ or make private.  If new acquaintances find us how much sharing is too much for me?  What would make it interesting as a kind of fun online journal with the writing geared primarily toward family and friends but new visitors as well?

Even while moving forward from the beginning of the blog two years ago the tracking metrics offered from WordPress were interesting for me.  The first time Home Comes Alive made it all the way around the globe electronically I was both surprised and delighted.  Such a simple thing, a post viewed in the United Kingdom, Greece, then India, and Australia.  Then other posts viewed in Denmark, France, Kenya Turkey, Australia (and if that’s the same visitor from Australia, thank you) – little happy dance for me.  Just a fun thing, zipping all the way around the world.

Being a curious creature by nature it did finally get me wondering how are people finding Home Comes Alive?  Honestly I hope the writing is fun, distractingly light but hardly earth-shaking.  I’ve even recently read about another blogger that is reaching back in her archive for items to update after years of developing her writing and presentation skills. That won’t be happening here any time soon, she had a several year deep archive.

There is still a lot more to learn, like Categories and Tags.  I think I’m learning mine aren’t very good at doing their job.

Summer heat is around the corner, we’ll be spending more afternoon time indoors.  It will soon be time to start learning again so the mystery and the how someone could find something as small and random as Home Comes Alive in the blogosphere doesn’t stay just a total blank.


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