More of this and that…mostly grateful

Just another Wednesday. Every month has four (sometimes five) of these Wednes-days. I’m glad this Wednesday is in the new month of May.

Admittedly, I’ve had a pretty ‘jerky’ April 2019. Jerky as in start-stop-yes-stop-no-start-maybe-or-maybe not on many aspects of my life and routine. The last two weeks felt like watching a giraffe gallop, it gets there but it isn’t exactly graceful.

This particular Wednesday, this May Day Wednesday is a welcome page turn, a mini clean slate. Just a small pause, sort of a deep breath in a life with multiple projects on the board, very like most other people I believe.

A pause from time to time is a healthy necessity. Without a pause, that time to take a breath, how do you look around? How do you know if you’ve gone off course?

This particular pause has a specific caveat for me. May 2019 I will pass another decade marker. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been spending loads of energy focused on health and wellness. Once spring was on the horizon my thoughts turned toward my grandmothers long life, my coming birthday and thinking about how I want the next decade to roll out.

Ironically while researching another topic I stumbled on information regarding human longevity and specifically Dr. Peter Attia. Part of his philosophy involves determining what a life at 100 means and then reverse engineer the process steps to where we are starting from. If you have half an hour for an introductory short version check out this interview, for the 75 minute long version with lots of really nerdy science check out this lecture on human longevity. Be prepared to do some additional homework after the long version.

So what do I want my 100 to look like? Richard at Bionic Old Guy (see blog here) gives me hope, returned to activity after three surgeries and rehab. My new friend “J” at the gym is another inspiration, 70 soon and working out after a new knee a while back. Then there’s Tony over at One Regular Guy Writing About Food, Exercise and Living Past 100 (Blog: I know there must be more and I need to find some gals planning toward and writing about the long haul to 100 and beyond.

I have something of a head start and am planning to make the most of it. Back in the gym (all original parts), refurbing my eating with a much lower carb intake overall, partly due to stuff I learned from my daughter, but still working out the details and working to educate myself on nutrition to support health, weight loss and strength building as quickly as possible.

As soon as I get through the upcoming Hula performance (see the previous post) and have time for another short pause I’ll try to see what I’ve come up with for my version of 100. Pencil me in for some note comparison if you’re on the same journey.


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