Laughing On The Way

A wife, mother, grandmother, friend, Weeble.  Over 40 years of married life we’ve added a little girl who grew up and later graced us with a great son-in-law and one grandchild we adore.

We’ve had 20 years of travel opportunities from Uncle Sam.  The final place we landed was the Arizona desert.  Over all the years we traveled our road together we’ve had many homes, making the best of it where we landed, places with adventures, a few mis-adventures for seasoning and a lot of laughter along the way.

Honey-Darling, good man, always concerned with my happiness, once asked early on if there was anything I liked about Phoenix.  I was hot most (all) of the time, my truck didn’t have any air conditioning (we bought it in Alaska), we were raising a teen-ager (insert your own mental image here).  Response – I liked the road out-of-town just fine.

I never actually got around to running away.  Over time my feelings changed.  The dust from all the transfers settled.  The mythical stark beauty of the desert and wonderful surprises found here, alongside a healthy sense of humor, won me over.  We’ve settled into life at our home in the desert.  There have been more good days, months, years than bad and it adds up to a great life.

The idea to do something with the ‘yard’ – an acre of dust and desert brush started a few years after Honey-Dear retired from full-time work.  To actually take the next step and create a homestead / hobby farm came slowly after that with the dream of having real shade, being able to have a garden again and maybe a few chickens ‘someday’.  It’s been rather challenging to find really good information or enough of it in one place about what really works in our exact geographic area without unlimited funding. Learning everything the hard way is, well, the hard way!  Turns out though sometimes the hard way is just too funny not to share.

Home Comes Alive updates the next big adventure of my good life with a husband and two young dogs – all living together peacefully, most of the time.  Welcome to everyone interested in sharing the fun and foibles of what we are learning!




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