DIY or Close

And Away We Go!

Remodels happen, sometimes they happen in a way we don’t anticipate.  Like walking into the guest bath and finding water all over the floor.  It wasn’t there earlier in the day and yet there it was.  And so was the crack in the tank…


Ok, shut down the water supply and do the quick mop up, make sure there are no more leaks, start a fan running for some boosted drying.  Pull the Lowes ad out of the recycle bin and start price checking.

Ironically I had already started planning for a future remodel of this room on Pinterest some time ago.  If the commode had to come out then the old vanity might as well be changed also.  And since we are doing plumbing now is the time to upgrade the tub faucet, and all the old cut-off valves.

The total extent of the remodel won’t be known until the vanity is pulled and we can see the flooring.  We will have to paint regardless, the new vanity is smaller than the old one and I want to lighten up the color just a bit.  While the paint is drying we can check the flooring and make sure we don’t have to fix any substrate.  We can also get a look at the water lines and determine what sizes and types of extra hardware/plumbing we might need.  I can guarantee there will be more than one trip to Lowes.  There always is, it’s our M.O.

Some of the changes will stay on the planning board, we won’t be doing bead board now. Others will stay in the future so this is sort of remodel-lite but when opportunity kicks down the door you might as well shake hands and meet somewhere in the middle.

A New Treasure…

There it was, in a box of ornaments from someone dear to my daughter and son-in-law.  It was broken but I saw some potential.  A tree topper from the Kurt Adler, Santa World line, circa 1948.  Two bulb spire top, original cost $2.97, glass from Czechoslovakia.  But it was broken.

Nothing to lose, so with a pair of pliers I gently snipped away at the broken glass from the lower globe, trying to leave enough of a ‘neck’ for an ornament topper.  Back in the original package to protect the glass for now.  Final step, find or make a 7/8″ ornament cap.  Really don’t want to order 50-100 of them, but we have 11 months to find one.

By being slow and careful something broken is going to be something beautiful hanging on the tree for Christmas 2017.

Which way did they go…?

At some time during a recent update attempt while we were also having internet issues it appears two prior entries ‘disappeared’.  Prior to this apparent user-error there were entries about building the raised gardens and one about the Alice in Wonderland party clock:

I wanted to recapture these as snapshots for a couple of reasons.  First, I need to stay away from the blog / blog pages when our internet connection is not working well.  Learning to blog has been enough of an adventure.   To see anything disappear…Poof! is just too frustrating.  Second, there will be an update about the gardens soon.  Lastly, the Alice Clock was just too much fun and everyone should be encouraged to look around your local thrift stores to repurpose something old into something new and useful. Turning a $3.99 Goodwill item into a fun party accessory was a fun afternoon and then used in a party game that stumped some of the guests pretty good.


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