Thought Threads

February 2018 – Hard to believe it has been almost a full year and very little ‘blogging’ has happened.  It’s been a busy year and we’ve been playing outside more than inside. Perhaps it’s time for a re-vamp, maybe a scrap and overhaul?  We’ll see.

February 2017 – Clearing out and I did find the green metal pumpkin buried in a closet and the Santa poly statue that went ‘missing’ in the shed.  This month is turning into a treasure hunt, what else will we find in the next couple of weeks?

January 2017 – Going to add a new page to the blog, Days Gone By…  A place to capture some of the stories about our wonderful ordinary, extraordinary life so far.

Sept./Oct./Nov./Dec. 2016 – September still hot and the mermaid tail for the granddaughter was a real challenge to work on even in the A/C.  That is going to be a warm sofa throw.  The tail got a rework while in process – she wanted it a bit longer and fuller so it ‘flipped’ around better.  More fun that way.  October still hot but I decorated for ‘fall’ this year again/finally and enjoyed it very much.  Have to find a couple of missing pieces but that green metal pumpkin is still around here somewhere.  A second mermaid tail for the daughter as a surprise, her Harry Potter design request was just too complex for Christmas this year. November – finally cooler and we are back outside.  Christmas is coming and the Tardis for the son-in-law is well underway.  It’s going to be bigger than a lap blanket but smaller than the original bedspread pattern. The kids better turn down the heater at their house in January.

August 2016 – Cary Grant once said, “My formula for living is quite simple.  I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night.  In between I occupy myself as best I can.”  August in Phoenix is like that.  August 1st comes and it’s hot most days and nights.  August 31st goes, it’s still hot most days and nights.  In between I occupy myself as best I can.

July 2016 – Another month has past and the heat is still with us.  Now I know why they call these the ‘dog days of summer’.  We get out in the morning and work until 10-ish and then we are indoors.  It’s still a good day, when you get up at 3:30 AM and get outside by first light we can get in a pretty good work day in 4-5 hours.

June 2016 – Been more than “a few days” since the Nov. 2015 check in.  Life, what matters, what should matter, external influences, etc. –  all draw from the same pool of time and energy.  Balance between what should be the focus of time and energy and what sometimes is the focus of time gets away from us and we get lost.   For more than a decade, early each year I’ve done a personal review.  Just a sort of check-in to see how much energy and effort is being distributed to the different roles I have, person (self), wife, mother, grandmother, friend, employee, and so on.    It’s a sort of balance check.   Over the last year or so I noticed more energy had slid away from the things valued most to things that were supposed to support my life, not be my life.

November 2015 – Thanksgiving Day holiday for me, four days away from work with a plan, decorate for Christmas and finish the decorations binder project.  More over the next few days.

July 2015 – It took a bit to figure out how to get back to here and make any change.  I keep planning to go back to Blogging 101 and try to get another run at creating content.  Yep, will do that just as soon as I figure out how to add something in my day somewhere between housekeeping, trying to help with the work on our land, commuting, work, working out.  Oh, and trying to get enough sleep to get up and do it all over again…  Did learn one new thing today, Home Page content is the ‘blog’ and added pages are ‘static’ only.  That actually helped me to figure out what the difference between how and what to enter in one place and the other actually was.  Blogging 101 or something similar here I come someday…

January 14, 2015 – Home is a house that needs some TLC…Self needs some housekeeping to keep up but life doesn’t always stay on track.  Blogging 101 is teaching us how to add pages to our blog.  Since I already have an ‘about’ page that will do for now I think a DIY page is the next step.  Now let’s see if it works.